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The West Virginia Wage Payment and Collection Act is a powerful tool that defines how and when an employer must pay wages. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for employers to violate these laws. Whether the violations are intentional or accidental, an employer can face serious penalties. You need an experienced employment law attorney on your side. At Freeman & Chiartas, our Charleston wage payment and collection claims lawyers have a detailed understanding of this practice area. We strive to remain abreast of changing legislation and current legal trends to better represent our clients. Through the history of our practice, we have handled a broad range of cases related to the payment of wages.

Holding Employers Accountable When They Do Not Comply With The Law

The act defines the payment of both wages and fringe benefits. The fringe benefits can include any benefits that are capable of calculation and payable to the employee. These benefits can include vacation time, sick time, paid holidays or production incentive bonuses. If employers fail to pay wages or fringe benefits, it might be possible to file a claim to recover your compensation.

The West Virginia laws in this practice area are often considered worker friendly. There are strict regulations that employers must follow to be in compliance with the law. If they violate the act, they can be held accountable for unpaid wages and fringe benefits as well as treble damages. An experienced attorney can efficiently guide you through the legal process while aggressively fighting for your fair compensation.

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