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The wheels of commerce bring useful products and livelihoods to people far and wide, and lumber is certainly one of those products. But when someone’s negligence causes a serious injury or untimely death in a logging truck accident, that person or company should be held accountable. At Freeman & Chiartas, we have the experience in truck accident cases and commitment to client service to help you pursue the compensation you need after a timber truck accident. From our office in Charleston, we serve clients throughout West Virginia.

How Did The Accident Happen?

As with any accident, there are many ways that a log truck accident can come about. Your accident may have occurred on the open highway, due to driver fatigue, faulty maintenance or some other cause.In other cases, a timber truck accident may have occurred at a truck stop or wood yard. It only takes a moment, when a driver gets out of the vehicle, for another driver to pull up and potentially trap the first driver between the two vehicles.

Asserting Your Claim Begins With Thorough Investigation

Our firm has the resources and tenacity to dig into your case and find out what happened. This does not mean waiting passively for government investigators to do their work. We will monitor those efforts, but we also have the ability to make our own inquiries into how an accident happened and who the responsible parties are.

Individualized Service During This Difficult Time

Our lawyers know how difficult it is for people to rebuild their lives after a serious injury or the wrongful death of a family member. That is one reason why we are so committed to treating you and your family members with dignity and compassion throughout our representation. But we know how to be aggressive in dealing with the other side, including the insurance companies of responsible parties.

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