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People simply don’t see motorcycles the way that they should. This is especially true in the springtime, when people aren’t used to motorcycles being out, but motorcycle accidents can happen at any time. When they happen, we can help.

Each of us have been Charleston attorneys for more than 30 years, handling motorcycle accidents and other areas of personal injury law. When you call the law firm of Freeman & Chiartas, you get attorneys with experience who truly care for your legal needs.

“Even today there is a stigma attached to riding motorcycles. I have been riding a Harley for years and I understand. If you are a biker who’s been hit by a car or truck, contact us. We can help.” — Greg Chiartas, Founding Attorney.

After An Accident

A motorcycle is much like an automobile accident or truck accident; you should always:

  • Avoid talking to the insurance companies

    They are not nearly as helpful as they pretend to be. They want to deny your claim however possible.

  • Seek medical attention

    Especially after a motorcycle crash, you could have catastrophic injuries like brain or spinal cord injuries that only a doctor can treat.

  • Call an attorney

    Whether you call us or someone else, only an experienced attorney can thoroughly represent your interests and help you get the money you deserve in a personal injury suit to help you get back on your feet.

Preparation Is The Key To Victory

We prepare every case like it is going to trial, which ultimately helps us settle cases for our clients. By showing the other side’s attorneys and insurance agents that we are willing and able to win in the costly courtroom setting, they are all more likely to end things quickly with a good settlement offer.

This approach has worked for many of our clients.

If You Are A Biker Who Has Suffered A Head Injury Or Another Type Of Injury, Contact Our Charleston Lawyers Handling Motorcycle Accident Cases

We emphasize personalized service to all of our clients. When you hire us for your personal injury case, your attorney will be your main point of contact throughout the course of your representation, not an assistant or paralegal. We truly care about our clients.

One of the ways we care for our clients is by offering a free initial consultation. This gives you the chance to talk to a motorcycle accident lawyer in Charleston about your case without charge or obligation to you. Email us for more information.