Charleston WV Day Care Injuries Lawyers

Charleston Child Injury Lawyers

Protecting a small child from harm is a powerful responsibility for any parent. But when you’re working outside the home, you can’t be with your child every minute. You count on day care providers or other caregivers to keep your child safe from harm.

At Freeman & Chiartas, we can help you hold a negligent day care provider accountable after your child is injured in a day care accident. Based in Charleston, we serve clients throughout West Virginia. We encourage you to get in touch with us today to arrange a free consultation about your possible claim for compensation for your child’s injuries.

Who Was at Fault for Your Child’s Injury?

Professional day care providers must go through a licensing process in order to be in business. But even if all the licensing standards are met, negligent supervision of staff or other carelessness can all too easily cause a day care accident that seriously hurts your kid.

Our lawyers are experienced in litigating cases of child injuries. We handle cases that include:

  • Falls that should have been prevented
  • Deliberate attacks by another child or staff member
  • Failure to supervise naps properly to guard against the risk of a child sleeping in an improper position

Our lawyers know how sensitive cases like these are. The vulnerability of children makes them so. But we will guide you steadily through the process of seeking full and rightful compensation for a child injury caused by negligence.

Take Action to Hold The Day Care Provider Accountable

Taking action to assert a claim does not only enable you to assert your rights. It also helps others by holding a negligent day care provider accountable. The accountability of having to pay damages can help to force careless day care providers to change their ways.

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