4 Ways to Prevent Texting While Driving

texting and driving

Drivers are taught to not text while driving, and in many states, it is against the law to do so. While you may have no intention of texting when you are behind the wheel, you may find it difficult to be consistent. Those who do text often underestimate their driving skills, their level of distraction and their multitasking ability. The law office of Freeman & Chiartas offers the following four tips to help you not text while driving.

Put the Phone on Silent

This will stop you from hearing the ringtone and message alerts. A silent phone will not be a distraction and may save you from needing the services of Charleston car accident attorneys.

Use a Reminder Passphrase

Adding a passphrase to the phone, such as “NoTextAndDrive,” will make you think twice before sending that message. In addition, Charleston personal injury attorneys say a lengthy passphrase will make it more challenging to send a message when you should be keeping your eyes on the road.

Put the Phone in the Trunk

A personal injury lawyer Charleston trusts suggests putting the phone in the trunk of the car to resist the temptation of texting. This method is only effective if it is done consistently. It is also problematic if you are involved in an emergency where you need to call 911 and Charleston personal injury attorneys immediately.

Implement Distracted Driving Technology

The most extreme way to prevent texting while driving is implementing special technology. This failsafe solution locks your phone or your teenage children’s phones while driving, although the devices will still be able to call 911. Charleston car accident attorneys recommend this method to avoid trouble on the road.

If you are in an accident that involves texting while driving, call Freeman & Chiartas, the personal injury lawyer Charleston depends on.