Advanced Car Technology – An Aid or Distraction?

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First, we had the issue of making or taking phone calls when driving. After that, it was texting while driving. Now, it’s using an infotainment center while driving. That’s probably the worst driving distraction yet.

Are They Helpful or Potentially Harmful?
Infotainment centers are embedded in a vehicle’s dashboard. They’re designed to help us get from one location to another and make our driving experience more enjoyable. What comes to issue is whether infotainment systems are an aid or a distraction. Here at Freeman & Chiartas, our Charleston WV personal injury attorney sees infotainment centers as dangerous distractions when they’re used on a roadway while a vehicle is in motion.

They Can be Highly Distracting
Infotainment centers can be operated by both voice commands and touch technology, but using that technology can be difficult and demanding. In 2017, AAA commissioned a study with the University of Utah involving 30 different vehicles with infotainment systems. Of those, 23 of the systems called for high or very high demand on drivers to use. A pivotal finding of the study was that infotainment systems distract drivers for an average of about 40 seconds when inputting a destination into the center’s GPS. Even at just 25 mph, a vehicle travels about the length of four football fields in 40 seconds. Some systems allow drivers to text, perform internet searches or even make social media posts from behind the wheel.

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