Legal Malpractice

What To Expect From A Legal Malpractice Case

While in most cases it is a lawyer suing another party, there are times when clients turn the tables and sue their own lawyer for malpractice. While these cases...

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personal injury

Why You Need A Lawyer For A Personal Injury Case

If you have been involved in a personal injury case, you will have many questions. Along with wondering about medical treatments, you will also be concerned abo...

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slip and fall

Private vs Public Slip and Fall Injuries: Who Pays the Medical Bills?

Slip-and-fall injuries are common throughout the year, and the location can make a major difference in how an injury claim may proceed. Regardless of the time o...

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workplace injury

WV Workplace Accidents: When to Bring in an Attorney

Workplace accidents are common in West Virginia. And some of these accidents result in fatalities. In 2017, West Virginia experienced 51 workplace fatalities. I...

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car accident

West Virginia Car Accident Causes (& Why You’ll Want an Attorney)

Car accident cases in West Virginia can be very frustrating experiences because of the comparative negligence law the state applies when accidents are adjudicat...

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