workplace injury

Common Workplace Injuries and Why You Need an Attorney

Insurance companies are in business to make money. They do that by collecting premiums and investing that premium money to make even more money. Then, when ...

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nursing home abuse

Is a Loved One Being Abused in a Nursing Home Facility? What to Do Next

Nursing home abuse involves intentional conduct rather than negligence. It is often directed at a specific person, and it becomes a pattern. It can involve ...

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charleston wv injury attorney

The Importance of Seat Belts During a Car Crash and of Proper Legal Representation Afterward

Seat belts save lives and prevent serious injuries, but they will not prevent accidents caused by intoxicated or negligent motorists. In the same way, safet...

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Moped Accident

Charleston WV Moped Accidents and Laws

Mopeds are a great economical short-distance mode of transportation in certain areas with congested traffic and constant activity. They are also an exce...

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spinal cord injury

Common Spinal Cord/Back Injuries In Car Accidents

According to the National Safety Council, 40% of all spinal cord and serious back injuries happen due to car accidents. While some injuries are noticeab...

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