Charleston Winter Driving Tips

winter driving

At Freeman & Chiartas, they want you to know how to cope with dangerous winter weather. Here are some safe winter driving tips recommended by a WV personal injury lawyer.

Winter Driving Tip 1: Remove Snow From Windows

Don’t try to drive a vehicle without having excellent visibility. You should remove all of the snow from the windows of your vehicle rather than only a small area in front of your face.

Winter Driving Tip 2: Drive At a Slower Speed

When the roads are covered with snow or ice, you should drive at a slower speed. While some streets may look safe to drive on, it is impossible to see a thin layer of clear ice that can cause your vehicle to slide.

Winter Driving Tip 3: Turn On Your Headlights

If the visibility is poor in your area, then turn on your vehicle’s headlights. With bright lights, other drivers can see your vehicle easily, helping to prevent a collision.

Winter Driving Tip 4: Maintain Your Vehicle

Before driving in the winter, make sure to maintain your vehicle by having the oil changed and filling it with antifreeze. Keep your vehicle’s gas tank filled so that you have enough fuel to manage a detour that is required by closed streets.

Winter Driving Tip 5: Remain Alert While Driving

Make sure to remain alert while driving by keeping your vehicle warm and focusing on the road. Don’t try to text or talk on your phone while driving during rough weather conditions.

Winter Driving Tip 6: Understand How To Cope With Sliding

You should know what to do when your vehicle begins to slide while on ice or snow. You should turn the front wheels of an automobile into the same direction that the rear of the vehicle is sliding.

What Should You Do After An Accident?

After an accident occurs, you should contact local law officials and paramedics for assistance. Next, call a at Freeman & Chiartas. A personal injury Charleston WV expert can help you receive reimbursement for your medical bills and living expenses.