Charleston WV Moped Accidents and Laws

Moped Accident

Mopeds are a great economical short-distance mode of transportation in certain areas with congested traffic and constant activity. They are also an excellent source of exercise and leisure enjoyment as well. However, the state of West Virginia takes a serious view of how mopeds are used on public roadways, and legislators have established several specifics about operating them in public. Charleston WV personal injury attorneys at Freeman & Chiartas understand that moped accident cases can be complicated when those riding the motorized bicycles are involved in an accident. The same rules of the road apply to moped operators when injured while riding on West Virginia roadways, and accident cases will involve the same elements when being settled.

Operator Licensing

The state of West Virginia allows anyone over age 16 with a drivers license to operate a moped on public streets. While the vehicles are not allowed on highways, they can be used on main and side streets within 30 mph speed limits. Operators are responsible for following all safety regulations as all other motorists. While many youngsters enjoy riding mopeds, they can only ride on private property with authorization from the property owner who may be liable in case of an accident injury.

Moped Registration

Moped registration is based on engine size with anything 50 cc or above needing registration for street use. They are effectively classified as motorcycles, and all rules of the road regarding motorcycles must be followed. This also includes liability insurance protection because mopeds can easily be involved in an accident due to the quiet nature of the vehicle. Operators must also wear approved helmets and bikes must be fitted with a rear view mirror placed in an optimum location for viewing while merging into traffic. In addition, head lights are required for highway use after dark.

Never attempt handling an injury claim personally as the result of a moped accident. A Charleston accident attorney can investigate the claim and craft a case for maximum financial compensation in many situations because comparative negligence defense could be an issue. The lawyer you call matters. Always call the Charleston WV personal injury lawyers from Freeman & Chiartas for solid representation.