Common Spinal Cord/Back Injuries In Car Accidents

spinal cord injury

According to the National Safety Council, 40% of all spinal cord and serious back injuries happen due to car accidents. While some injuries are noticeable immediately, others take hours, days, or weeks before symptoms appear. Because of this, drivers and passengers face prolonged periods of medical treatment, lost wages from being unable to work, and tremendous pain and suffering. Due to the seriousness of these injuries and the impact they can have on you and your loved ones, seek the advice of a Charleston WV car accident attorney after being involved in an accident.

Common Back Injuries
If your back is injured in a car accident, the most common injuries suffered will likely be slipped discs, herniated or bulging discs, back sprains or strains, and whiplash. In situations involving slipped, bulging, or herniated discs, surgery will most likely be needed. However, if you suffer a back sprain/strain or whiplash, you will probably need a prolonged time of rest, along with weeks of physical therapy. Since this will lead to large medical bills, always consult Charleston WV personal injury lawyers to determine how you can receive compensation for your injuries.

Spinal Cord Injuries
If you suffer an injury to your spinal cord or to the nerves situated at the bottom of the spinal canal, numerous problems can result, including paralysis below your waist, difficulties with bladder and bowel control, and difficulty in moving your torso. However, if your spinal cord injury is considered more of a cervical injury, meaning the damage is located primarily in your neck, you will not only have these problems, but also likely experience paralysis in your arms and require assistance in breathing.

Since these injuries are life-changing and debilitating, contact the Charleston WV personal injury attorneys Freeman & Chiartas for a consultation as to how compensation can be obtained for you or a loved one.