Common Workplace Injuries and Why You Need an Attorney

workplace injury

Insurance companies are in business to make money. They do that by collecting premiums and investing that premium money to make even more money. Then, when it comes time to pay on claims, they pay as little as possible or even nothing. When a worker is injured on the job by a foreseeable risk of that job, he or she is eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim with their employer. Here are some common examples of workplace injuries:

  • Falls, especially from heights.
  • Severe shock from electrical hazards.
  • Getting hit by an object like falling tools or materials on a job site.
  • Getting caught between two objects like a truck and a wall.


After a serious injury, if the employer’s workers’ compensation insurer does pay benefits, it’s unlikely that it will pay the employee all that he or she rightfully deserves. A Charleston WV personal injury attorney at Freeman & Chiartas can be of great help in getting workers the compensation that they deserve.

Regardless of the fact that workers’ compensation laws are intended to help workers with much-needed benefits, an insurer will still wish to protect its bottom line. That keeps shareholders happy. That insurer might be quick to try to devalue the injured worker’s clam or deny it altogether by alleging that the injury occurred somewhere else other than work.

A Charleston WV personal injury attorney from Freeman & Chiartas won’t be easily intimidated by an insurance company. With the appropriate evidence and medical records, that attorney can build a workers’ compensation case for you to help you get the full compensation and disability benefits that you deserve.

The law firm’s lawyers practice throughout West Virginia. If you suffered a serious job-related injury, maximize your proceeds, and contact as us as soon as possible to arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation.