Differences Between Truck and Car Accidents

car and truck accidents

Any kind of auto accident can be a serious situation that commonly leaves injured victims in financial straits after the fact. Recovering damages following an accident can be frustrating as well without an experienced auto accident attorney who understands what to expect from all involved parties, including insurance companies. Of course, all accidents are unique is some aspect, but there are general conditions that will be apparent in all cases. But, there are some significant differences between car accidents and truck accidents that will usually require solid representation from a Charleston car accident attorney who can craft any accident injury case for maximum settlement.

Car Accidents

Typical car accidents will involve two or three drivers, depending on the accident report. Car accidents are commonly easy to determine who is at fault, but they can still be difficult to settle in some instances. West Virginia drivers are required by the state accident tort system to maintain at least $20,000 in liability protection, which can make recovering whole damages practically impossible in some serious accidents. It is also much easier for a driver in West Virginia to escape detection when driving without insurance until an accident occurs. Injured drivers who carry uninsured and under-insured coverage on their personal auto policy could potentially be in much better position for an equitable settlement.

Truck Accidents

Other than the extensive damage that can be caused by a truck accident, injured parties actually stand a much better chance of getting compensation following a truck accident, and a Charleston truck accident attorney will make sure your compensation is fair.

The potential for a wrongful death claim is also commonly present following a truck accident when victims are fatally wounded, an occurrence that happens all too often in truck accidents. One advantage is that trucking companies are required to maintain a minimum of $1 million liability protection, and many companies actually carry more. Owner-operators also have additional policies, but that does not mean the trucking company cannot be pursued as well through their general business insurance coverage. But, the biggest difference in car and truck accidents is that trucking companies always defend against claims strongly because any fault that can be deflected to an injured claimant could reduce a final settlement considerably.

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While car accidents appear to be simple issues of claim filing, the truth is that most injured clients receive up to three times as much compensation with an attorney than without. Your attorney matters.

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