What Documentation Is Needed for a Personal Injury Claim?

personal injury

You may be eligible for personal injury compensation if you’ve been in any kind of accident, and you believe another person’s negligence caused your condition. Freeman & Chiartas can help you get compensation, and you can make that easier for them if you hold on to the evidence that proves what happened. You need to hold on to these items so that they can fortify your case:

Medical Records

Your medical records are some of the most crucial documents that you need to hold on to. First, they prove that an injury occurred, which is an important qualifying factor. Secondly, they let the lawyer know how much damage you endured and how much money you spent on your illness. If you have anything that discusses your treatment plan and how long your recovery should take, you can show that, too. Bring all these documents with you when you visit your personal injury lawyer Charleston WV office.

Damage Pictures

If you were in an automobile accident, you’ll need to have pictures and videos of the damages. That can be very useful to your attorney in assessing the settlement request and determining the validity of the case. Your Charleston WV personal injury attorney can make use of them quite well.

Witness Statements

Finally, witness statements can be invaluable. They can put the final touches on the win probability and make your case stronger. You need to have them with you when you visit the attorney, too.

Freeman & Chiartas love helping victims restore their lives. They have been doing it for many years, and they know all the tricks of the trade and the processes that one needs to go through to get compensation. Their goal is to accommodate you and get a settlement for you that will improve the quality of your life. Contact us today!