Motor Vehicle Accidents Lead To Teen Deaths

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Teen Traffic Fatalities Increase In West Virginia 

Teen car accident deaths had been decreasing for the past several years. However, West Virginia is one of the 25 states that has had an increase in teen car accidents. The number of teen drivers dying in an accident increased by 19 percent from January 2012 to July 2012.

The improving economy is one of the things that has led to an increase in teen car accident deaths. Because the economy is improving and gas prices are down, more teens are on the road. If there are more cars on the road, then more car accidents will occur. You can contact a Charleston WV personal injury lawyer if you have been hurt by a teen driver.

Other Factors That Cause Teen Car Accidents 


Nearly 33 percent of high school students have admitted to texting while driving. Texting is a distraction because it takes your eyes and hands off of the road.


Twenty-five percent of teens have admitted to driving under the influence. Alcohol makes driving more dangerous in several ways. It slows down your reaction time. Driving is an activity that requires you to react quickly. It can also lead to an impairment in judgment. Thirty-three percent of teens who were killed in an accident had a BAC above 0.08.


The cell phone is not the only distraction. Eating, changing music and talking to other passengers can also be classified as a distraction. The largest percentage of distracted drivers is under the age of 20. Charleston WV accident attorneys can help you if you have been hurt by a distracted teen driver.

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