Nursing Home Abuse: Warning Signs

nursing home abuse

As your parent or other loved one has gotten older, you might have decided that putting him or her in a nursing home was the best decision. After all, in the right facility, your loved one can get the care that he or she needs. However, you should know that nursing home abuse and neglect really does happen. If you think that something could be happening to your loved one, a Charleston nursing home injury attorney can help. These are a few warning signs that it might be time for you to contact a personal injury lawyer Charleston WV.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse can and does happen in nursing home settings. If your loved one has broken bones, bruises that cannot be explained, scars or welts or other injuries, there’s a chance that he or she is a victim of physical abuse. There are other warning signs to look out for as well, such as damaged eyeglasses or the unwillingness of a caretaker to leave you alone with your loved one.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse might not leave behind scars, but it can be devastating for your loved one. If your loved one is showing unexplained signs of dementia, such as rocking back and forth or sucking on his or her thumb, this could be a sign that emotional abuse has been taking place.

Sexual Abuse

Even though a lot of people don’t realize it, sexual abuse is a real thing that does happen in nursing home settings. Torn undergarments, bruises or other injuries around the breasts or genitals, vaginal or anal bleeding that is not related to a health concern or unexplained STDs can all be signs of this.


Even if abuse is not taking place, your loved one could still be a victim. For example, if caregivers have been neglecting your loved one by leaving him or her unattended and not taking care of his or her basic needs, this could be a sign of neglect.

If you think that your parent or other loved one might be a victim of any of these things, it is important to take action. Then, you can help ensure that your loved one is getting the care that he or she needs and can hold any responsible parties responsible for their abusive or neglectful actions.

By hiring a Charleston WV personal injury lawyer, you can get the help that you need when dealing with this horrible situation. Contact the personal injury attorneys at Freeman & Chiartas today!