Pedestrian Safety Tips

pedestrian accident

Crossing the street can be dangerous if you are not careful. Drivers are not always paying attention and may not see a pedestrian. In 2013, car accidents were responsible for pedestrian deaths every 2 hours.

Pedestrian Safety Tips 

1. Crossing the Street. Pedestrians should look both ways before crossing the street. If a crosswalk is available, then that’s where you should cross. But don’t assume an oncoming vehicle will automatically stop. 

2. Night Safety. The majority of accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians occur at night. Wear bright clothing or carry a flashlight when walking at night. 

3. Crossing at a Stop Light. A pedestrian has the right of way during a red light. Crossing when the light is green is always a risk. And many accidents occur when a car turns onto another street. That means a pedestrian should look in all directions before proceeding across the street. As previously stated, never assume a car is going to stop. Drivers often run red lights, fail to stop at stop signs, and basically drive while distracted. 

Legal Options for Pedestrians

If you’re a pedestrian injured in a car accident, you can possibly claim compensation. A Charleston personal injury attorney can help you discover if your injuries are grounds for a lawsuit. If the accident occurred because of driver negligence, then you likely have grounds to seek compensation. 

Proving fault isn’t always an easy task. But if you want to receive compensation, it’s necessary to prove the driver caused your injuries. Was the driver drunk? Did the driver fail to stop at a red light? Was there any way possible the driver could’ve avoided hitting you? An attorney will consider all aspects of the accident, and advise you accordingly. An Charleston accident attorney at Freeman and Chiartas can also help gather evidence, speak to witnesses, and obtain expert medical testimony.