Poolside Accidents: What to Do After You’re Injured

poolside accidentPoolside accidents frequently occur due to the hazards created by water and irresponsible behavior. When a person is injured in a poolside accident, there may be remedies available to compensate that person for their injuries. If you are injured in a poolside accident, then the Charleston accident attorneys from Freeman & Chiartas can help.

What should you do if injured in a poolside accident?
If you sustain an injury in a poolside accident, there are some things you can do to improve your chances of recovering money damages.

First, seek immediate medical treatment for you injuries. This treatment is important to help you recover from the accident and it will also help preserve important information and evidence that may be useful for an accident claim. Medical providers will document your injuries and can provide opinions about the diagnosis and cause.

Second, preserve as much information as possible. A successful claim will require that you have information to show your damages. If possible, you should document your injuries and the scene of the accident. You should also identify any persons who may be witnesses about the accident and the conditions that were present when it occurred.

Finally, contact an experienced accident attorney. An attorney will provide legal advice that is specific to your situation. This will help you know what needs to be done for your case. An attorney can help you gather and preserve important information and records. An attorney will also help you file your claim.

Throughout the claims process, an accident attorney will represent you and advocate for a result that fairly compensates you for your injuries. An attorney will help you understand your options and what to expect for your case.

The Charleston accident attorneys at Freeman & Chiartas have experience with poolside accidents and other personal injury cases. Contact us to learn how we can help with your case.