Private vs Public Slip and Fall Injuries: Who Pays the Medical Bills?

slip and fallSlip-and-fall injuries are common throughout the year, and the location can make a major difference in how an injury claim may proceed. Regardless of the time of year, outdoor walkways can be wet in summer and slippery in the winter. And, indoor accidents can occur at any time based on physical structure problems or mere failure of a business or facility to maintain a safe walking surface. The scenarios can range widely, but the results are often very similar. Very serious injuries can occur in a slip-and-fall accident, such as damage to the spine and head area. When this happens, having the right injury law firm in Charleston WV can be vital when seeking compensation, and the legal professionals at Freeman & Chiartas Charleston injury lawyers are always ready to help injured victims receive proper financial recovery from injuries occurring at any location.

Public Property Injuries

Premises liability injuries that occur on public property are typically the responsibility of the particular government agency overseeing a facility or location. There is often a standard protocol for handling these injuries at large facilities, including a shorter filing period, but many injuries can also happen at isolated locations where injuries are rare. Details of these injury cases are essential to filing a successful claim, and a personal injury attorney can craft a case in a manner that is acceptable to the agency while minimizing the possibility of the agency denying the claim based on personal contribution to causation. Typically, the responsible agency is liable for paying compensation on all elements of the claim, including medical bills.

Private Property Injuries

Private property injuries are also premises liability claims, but legal occupancy of the property can be an issue. Trespassers can be denied compensation for medical bills and any other damages because of legal entry issues. Property owners are responsible for maintaining physical structures and walkways for the safety of visitors, and injuries that occur due to a failure to maintain can leave them liable for medical bills resulting from a slip-and-fall accident on their property.

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Injured victims should understand that slip-and-fall injury claims are commonly strongly defended, and the injured victim always fares much better with professional representation. West Virginia residents should call Freeman & Chiartas Charleston injury lawyers for solid results.