Defensive Driving

defensive driver

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere when you are out on the roads. A defensive driver’s top priority is his/her own safety. Keep you and your passengers safe with these tips for traveling the roads and know who to call when you lose control of a situation involving your motor vehicle.

The Four Second Rule

Allow about four seconds between you and the car you see in front of you. Be sure to look in your rear view mirror and be aware of traffic patterns behind you as well, but a safe traveling distance you control in front allows for ample reaction time there and greatly reduces your risk of accidents. According to Freeman & Chiartas, personal injury attorneys Charleston WV, “The Four Second Rule helps our clients reduce the risk of becoming the innocent victim of an aggressive driver who may be following him/her close behind.”

Drive at a Pace Consistent with Road Conditions

Freeman & Chiartas cite speed limits as a top cause of accidents involving defensive drivers. Road conditions vary, and everyone has a different comfort level for navigating the roads. If you need to take your time when traveling through rain, snow, or debris and have an accident involving another driver, don’t hesitate to call a Charleston WV personal injury lawyer.

Look Ahead

To travel safely to your destination, always scan the road way and surroundings in front of you for unexpected intrusions. This will prepare you to respond. Even alert drivers who are conscious of their surroundings need the expertise of a Charleston WV personal injury lawyer when confronted by another driver speeding down the road way out of nowhere.

Your safety is the number one priority of personal injury attorneys Charleston WV. Protect yourself from defensive drivers by looking ahead and allowing for “The Four Second Rule.”

Don’t hesitate to call Freeman & Chiartas when road conditions and other drivers instantly make you become a victim.