The Dangers Of Drowsy Driving

drowsy driver

Drowsy Driving Leads To Numerous Vehicular Accidents

At Freeman & Chiartas, they have Charleston car accident attorneys who want you to understand the dangers from driving while you are drowsy. Drowsy driving occurs for a variety of reasons, including working long shifts, having untreated sleep disorders or taking certain types of medications. When a driver is sleepy or fatigued, she won’t remain alert, leading to dangerous vehicular collisions that cause serious injuries or death.

Why Are People Driving While They Are Drowsy?

There are numerous vehicular accidents each day and night that are caused by drowsy drivers. Someone who has worked a long shift may drive home while he is tired, and he may fall asleep at the wheel. Alternatively, a truck driver who is delivering goods to a warehouse may drive for 10 hours or longer without any sleep. Many drowsy drivers also don’t consume food or drink beverages while traveling, leading to additional dangers from sleepiness.

Why Should You Contact Charleston Personal Injury Lawyers?

If you are injured in a vehicular collision with a drowsy driver, then you should contact Charleston personal injury lawyers for legal advice. A personal injury attorney Charleston WV law firm can collect evidence from the accident scene and law officials’ reports. If the driver who injured you is a commercial truck driver, then the Charleston car accident attorneys at Freeman & Chiartas can request the truck driver’s reports to determine if the individual has taken the required breaks for sleeping.

An Attorney Can Collect Evidence Against a Drowsy Driver

You might wonder why a personal injury attorney Charleston WV law firm is necessary when a drowsy driver injures you. An attorney can collect the evidence required for proving negligence so that you can receive a financial settlement from the other driver or his insurance company. Without the correct evidence and a responsible legal team, you might not have enough money to pay for your medical bills and your living expenses.

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