The Importance of Seat Belts During a Car Crash and of Proper Legal Representation Afterward

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Seat belts save lives and prevent serious injuries, but they will not prevent accidents caused by intoxicated or negligent motorists. In the same way, safety features will not help the victims obtain the compensation needed to deal with the aftereffects of a crash. If these victims expect to be treated fairly under the law, they will need legal assistance. They can find such help from the law firm of Freeman & Chiartas. 

Seat Belt Laws in West Virginia
Among the many safety features on modern automobiles, none are more important than the seat belt. In order to encourage their use, West Virginia has a mandatory seat belt law that extends to all drivers and front-seat occupants, and to all occupants under the age of 18. Violators can be fined up to $25, although the law can only be enforced if the vehicle is stopped by the police for some other reason.

How Seat Belts Work
These devices are designed to prevent the occupants of vehicles involved in crashes from being thrown into each other or into other objects in the passenger compartment, or from being thrown out of windows or doors. They should even be used in vehicles that also have air bags. Seat belts serve as an important defense against those who drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or who are simply reckless. The victims of these accidents can also benefit from the services of a Charleston WV accident attorney.

Seeking Monetary Damages
If you have experienced an accident caused by the negligence of someone else, a Charleston WV accident attorney can help you obtain the compensation that is needed to cover your medical expenses and the other costs of the crash, including lost wages. These are good reasons to contact the law firm of Freeman & Chiartas.