Truck Driver Fatigue: How Circadian Rhythm Plays a Role

fatigued truck driver
The Relationship Between the Circadian Rhythm, Driver Fatigue and Big Rig Accidents

Driver fatigue related to long and unusual working hours is known to be a factor in many accidents involving large trucks. These working conditions can affect the human circadian rhythm, which can in turn reduce a person’s alertness and increase the risk of driver error. The victims of big rig wrecks in West Virginia will probably require the assistance of a Charleston truck accident lawyer to help them deal with consequences of such mishaps. They can find such help from the law firm of Freeman & Chiartas.

Understanding the Circadian Rhythm
This is essentially an “internal” clock that determines the waking and sleeping cycles of humans. Those who work during the early morning hours could experience fatigue because of a disruption in the circadian rhythm. In the case of a truck driver who experiences fatigue while behind the wheel, the results can be catastrophic. It is the victims of fatigue-related truck accidents who will need the services of a Charleston WV personal injury attorney.

Big Rig Crashes in West Virginia
Trucks employed by the coal and other industries are a common sight on the roads and highways in and around Charleston. Despite state and federal regulations that are designed to limit working hours and ensure proper rest, truck accidents related to driver fatigue continue to occur. Using the civil court system, a WV personal injury attorney can represent the victims of such crashes.

The Right to Compensation
A WV personal injury lawyer can help victims obtain the damages needed to cover medical expenses and the other costs of a big rig crash. A Charleston truck accident attorney will strive for the best possible settlement in every case. This is why truck accident victims and their families should consider turning to the services available from the law firm of Freeman & Chiartas.