What is the Definition of Pain and Suffering?

What is the Definition of Pain and Suffering?

pain and suffering

It is important for all personal injury victims to understand the components of a claim settlement. Some injury claims are for nominal injuries that happened in a relatively minor accident while other claims can involve very serious injury and disability. Financial damage awards for medical bills, property damage, and lost wages are typically special damages that can be calculated directly in terms of recovery. But, damages for pain-and-suffering are the non-economic general awards based on the impact the injury will have on the life of the victim and the degree of difficulty in rehabilitation. Given that every injury case is unique in some element, determining an accurate value for pain-and-suffering takes an experienced Charleston WV personal injury lawyer like the professionals at Freeman & Chiartas Law Firm for a an equitable result.

Recoverable Injuries

Injuries that are serious short term medical issues will still have a definite pain-and-suffering component when damages are calculated, usually based on the difficulties dealing with the pain and disability endured while rehabilitating the injury. There are many injuries that also heal to the point of still allowing the victim to function reasonably well in a diminished capacity, but still result in a disability issue. This is especially true in serious auto accidents. Pain-and-suffering allocation can include all medical issues, and they apply for future medical coverage as well for any medical issue resulting from the incident.

Permanent Injuries

Cases involving permanent catastrophic injuries are different when claims are settled because the extent of injury is known more so than in a recoverable injury case. Pain issues may not necessarily be as important as the mental anguish suffered by an injury victim, and all aspects of life must be evaluated. Arriving at a fair amount of compensation can be a difficult legal calculation that requires the assistance of a Charleston WV personal injury lawyer.

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