What type of damages may be sought in a product liability claims?

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Manufacturers have a responsibility to the public to produce safe products. If a product they release causes harm due to design flaws, materials used, the guidelines or instructions for use, or the construction process, they can be held responsible for all the injuries that are the result of using their product. This is known as a product liability case.

Product liability covers nearly every industry and every product that is sold. These types of cases may be individual cases or turn into class action lawsuits due to the amount of people that are injured by the product.

Types Of Compensation For Product Liability Cases

Every case and associated injury are unique, and the types of compensation received will vary with each case. Your Charleston product liability attorneys will explain to you what types of compensation will apply to your specific case. However, it is not uncommon for attorneys to seek the following types of compensation:

  • All associated medical costs related to the injury
  • Future medical costs and care
  • Current and future lost wages
  • Current and future lost benefits
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional pain and anguish
  • Physical impairments and disfigurements

Your attorney will provide you with accurate information about the types of compensation that you can receive for your injuries.

It Is Important To Remember That All Products Are Included

If you have been injured by any type of consumer product, it is important to speak with Charleston product liability attorneys. These types of cases are not just reserved for vehicle issues, dangerous medications, or defective medical devices. Any consumer product that has caused an injury may qualify for this type of case.

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