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Many people are injured every year due to defective products. When you least expect it, a product that you depend on can act unexpectedly and cause you injury. Although this is a common occurrence, you deserve fair compensation for your injuries.We can help. In our more than 30 years experience of each attorneys as practicing Charleston product liability attorneys, we have an excellent track record of getting compensation for people like you who have been injured by the products they trust. Our personal injury law firm, Freeman & Chiartas, offers exceptional client service and attention to your needs.

Common Defective Products

Sometimes injuries come from products used more rarely, like medical devices or power tools, and sometimes injuries come from the everyday products that we trust, like cars or household appliances. We can represent you to get the financial award you need to recover from injuries involving:

  • Defective tree stands
  • Faulty car jacks
  • Industrial hydraulic lifts
  • Medical products like heart valves and drug products
  • Automobile accidents caused by rollovers, faulty seat belt cases and air bag failure

We have experience going against some of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world, including Ford and General Motors. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your attorneys are experienced professionals and that we will do everything we can to get you the recovery you need.

Corporate Responsibility And Liability

A company that puts out a product to the general public needs to make that product safe. When that product is not safe — whether because of the design, the manufacturing or a failure of the company to warn the user of the product’s inherent danger — the company is financially liable to whoever is injured as a result.

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