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Many workers fear complaining about workplace mistreatment due to potential retaliation — demotion, loss of advancement opportunities, termination. In truth, the government has written numerous acts that protect workers from unfair treatment and wrongful termination. If you or a loved one has suffered workplace mistreatment, harassment or discrimination, do not hesitate to contact our firm as soon as possible. At Freeman & Chiartas, our Charleston employment law attorneys have extensive experience helping workers remain in a safe, fair working environment. We have a detailed understanding of the federal regulations as well as state statutes that are commonly violated in employment law matters.

Dedicated Representation In A Wide Range Of Employment Law Matters

Our firm provides legal advice and representation to employees in Charleston and communities throughout West Virginia facing a wide range of employment law matters, including:

It is important to work with a skilled lawyer to ensure your rights are not violated. For example, in West Virginia, there are numerous rules that your employer must follow if they choose to lay you off. There are rules regarding sick time and vacation pay that are often overlooked. We will carefully look at your paperwork to ensure that your employer has not violated your rights.

If You Have Experienced Discrimination Or Retaliation In The Workplace, Contact Charleston WV Employment Law Attorney

Either call our office or contact us online to discuss your case. We work efficiently, always trying to avoid unnecessary costs for our clients. We also offer a free initial consultation so that you can talk with an attorney about your case without charge or obligation to you.