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Hunting is a major pastime in West Virginia. People hunt for food and for sport. Most hunters take their hunting very seriously and invest a lot of time and money into their chosen hobby. When equipment purchased by the hunting enthusiast fails and causes injuries to the hunter, the manufacturer of the equipment may be held responsible.

Tree stands are one of the most common items used for hunting. These stands help hunters gain a better view of the area and help them avoid alerting any potential game of their presence. These stands are designed to hold the full body weight of an adult for an extended period of time.

Defective Hunting Equipment

Defective Hunting Equipment

If the tree stand fails, the injuries that the hunter receives may be the fault of the manufacturer. Design or manufacturing flaws in the product that caused the product to fail are a product liability issue and the injured party can seek compensation for negligent actions of the manufacturer.

Any equipment designed to aid the hunter while they are actively hunting that fails and causes injury are held under the same liability laws.

If you have been injured by a defective product while you are hunting, you should speak to a Charleston defective hunting equipment lawyer. Dangerous products are the result of a negligent business producing a defective product. You have certain rights under West Virginia law to seek damages for dangerous products and product liability claims.

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