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Hunting is a favorite pastime in West Virginia that many people enjoy. However, this sport can quickly become dangerous if the hunter uses a defective weapon or ammunition. Gun and bow malfunctions can lead to serious hand and face injuries, and defective ammunition can lead to serious bodily harm.

Manufacturers of guns, hunting bows, ammo, and other hunting equipment are required by law to produce and release safe products to the public. Failure to release safe products to the public can result in a product liability case against the company.

Dangerous Premises

Another common form of hunting injury occurs when a landowner mistakenly shoots another hunter that they believe was actually an animal. When this type of accident occurs, the landowner is liable for the injuries they caused to the other hunter. In most cases, the homeowners insurance or other insurance policy covering the land where the accident occurred will cover the accident. If the accident occurred on public land, the person who is responsible for the shooting will be held accountable for the costs associated with the injury.

It should also be noted that a home or land owner can be held liable for hunting accidents that occur on their property if they allow too many hunters into the area without notifying each of them of the presence of the other hunters. Too many hunters in one area can lead to people being injured in the crossfire or lead to too many hunters thinking movement in the trees is an animal instead of another person. Liability will lie with the property owner in this type of situation.

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When you have been injured in a hunting accident, either due to another hunter or faulty guns, ammo or hunting bows, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries and losses. You are encouraged to speak with Charleston hunting lawyers about the circumstances surrounding the accident and your injuries. Your attorney will establish who or what is the cause of your injuries and guide you with the correct information on where to seek compensation for your losses.