Charleston Attorneys For School Injury Claims

Charleston School Injury Attorneys

A day at school, a sporting event or an outing to a park can quickly turn tragic when negligence is involved. At Freeman & Chiartas, each of our personal injury attorneys have more than 30 years of experience representing families with children who have been seriously injured because someone else was careless, reckless or inattentive.

Personal Injury Lawyers For Children

If your child suffered an injury at school, day care, a sporting event, an amusement park, a public park, a swimming pool or a playground, contact our personal injury firm to discuss your legal options. We are committed to representing children who have suffered serious injuries while at school or while engaging in recreational activities.

Pursuing Compensation For Injured Children

Our Charleston personal injury lawyers may be able to recover financial compensation for your child’s medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other related expenses, if someone else’s negligent actions caused the serious or life-threatening accident. We are excellent negotiators and skilled litigators with a long history of obtaining significant verdicts and settlements for our clients. Our legal team is available to speak with you, if your child suffered injuries from:

Inadequate child supervision
Defective toys or poorly maintained playground equipment
School bus accidents
Inadequate safety measures
Swimming pool accidents, including defective drains and filters
Unsafe swings, slides, monkey bars and other playground equipment
Defective bikes, skates, skateboards, trampolines, scooters, ATVs and other recreational products
Hunting accidents
Unanchored soccer goals
Unsafe football fields with sinkholes
Defective amusement park rides
Unsafe public property

Are Your Children Safe At School?

All too frequently, children are injured because of lack of appropriate supervision at school. A school injury can be caused by dangerous conditions in the school, on the playground or on athletic field. With school budgets stretched tight, school districts may cut corners on safety. The safety of our children, however, must always be a top priority.

At Freeman & Chiartas, we have the skills and legal resources to prove fault against at-fault parties. We are fully prepared to help you assert your legal rights to obtain a full financial recovery for the damages your child has endured.

Contact Our Charleston Attorneys For School Injury Claims If Your Child Has Suffered A Sport Injury Or Another Type Of Injury

To learn if we can help you obtain a full financial recovery, contact us online today. There is no charge for an initial consultation with one of our experienced school injury attorneys.