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No one gets through childhood without a few bumps and bruises. Paying attention to child safety can prevent common accidents from turning into life-changing personal injuries. At Freeman & Chiartas, each of our attorneys have more than 30 years of experience advocating for accident victims throughout West Virginia. We offer experienced legal counsel with a strong client-driven approach. We want to share tips to help parents take proactive measures to keep their children safe. However, do not hesitate to contact our Charleston law firm if someone else’s negligent actions have put your child at risk.

  • Infant And Toddler Injury Prevention

    Make sure that your child’s car seat meets current safety standards and that it is properly installed in your vehicle. Remember, infants should be in rear-facing car seats until they are two years old. Find out if your child’s car seat is the subject of a current product recall from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

  • Sports Injury Prevention

    Personal safety devices, including helmets and elbow, knee and wrist guards, can cushion a fall when children are biking, skateboarding or in-line skating. Make sure your child knows the rules of the road before letting him or her go out onto the pavement. For field games, make sure you check the playing surface for hazards before the game begins.

  • Teen Car Accident Prevention

    West Virginia Department of Transportation is available to help you learn about our state’s graduated driver’s license program. Be sure to talk to your teens about drinking and driving, as well as the dangers of talking on a cellphone while driving, getting distracted or having too many people in a car.

  • Swimming Pool Injury Prevention

    Don’t let your child visit a public or private swimming pool without being accompanied by a responsible person who knows how to swim. Go over the pool rules. Swim with a buddy. Non-swimmers should only use Coast Guard-approved personal flotation devices. Pool toys are a drowning risk for non-swimmers.

  • Gun Accident Prevention

    Until your children are old enough to understand the risks associated with guns and have been properly trained, you should keep guns unloaded and safely locked away from children. Be sure to store ammunition in a separate, locked container. Teach children to never touch or to never play with a gun at their home or at the home of a relative or friend without proper supervision. Teach them to always assume that a gun is loaded and never point one at a friend or relative.

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