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Seeking The Compensation You Need After A Disabling Accident

You never expected this to happen. But when a terrible, life-altering accident takes away your mobility, you and your family have to respond, in order to find a new way of life.

At Freeman & Chiartas, in Charleston, we can help you do that. Let us use our skill in resolving serious accident cases on your behalf to hold the person or company that caused your accident accountable. We serve clients throughout West Virginia and have a proven ability to recover compensation for our clients in injury cases.

How Has Your Life Changed?

Your catastrophic injury may have come in a car crash, a workplace accident or in some other way. No matter what happened, if you’ve been left paralyzed, the lifetime care you will need will obviously be very expensive. That is why you need an experienced legal advocate to handle your compensation claim.

A spinal cord injury often results in permanent loss of function in key areas of the body. This can leave you dependent on others to accomplish even the most basic tasks.

Of course, it is critical to clarify exactly what your condition is. Paraplegia is defined as paralysis that affects all or part of your legs or the trunk of your body, as well as pelvic organs. Quadriplegia, also called tetraplegia, affects these parts and also the arms and hands.

Focused Advocacy As You Forge A New Life

Our lawyers won’t make any sugar-coated promises. We know you have a hard road ahead. But we are committed to guiding you through the process of pursuing the compensation you need to pay for the care arrangements you need to rebuild your life after the devastating injury you suffered.

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