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Injured At Work?

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Workers’ compensation gives injured employees a certain amount of recovery time for workplace injuries while protecting employers from lawsuits. West Virginia has an exception that allows injured workers to sue their employers in cases of severe employer negligence. This type of lawsuit is complicated and your attorney should be experienced and competent.

At the law firm of Freeman & Chiartas, our Charleston attorneys have more than 60 years of combined experience handling many different types of personal injury cases, including workplace injuries.

Workers’ compensation offers the chance for financial recovery for all kinds of work-related injuries. If the employer knew or should have known that a work condition put you in serious danger, you might have a “deliberate intent” case, which is usually worth a lot more than a standard work injury case. Contact us online for more information.

Deliberate Intent And Mandolidis Cases

Mandolidis cases, called “deliberate intent” cases, provide the chance for you to get much more money for your injuries if your employer was negligent.

In simple terms, a deliberate intent case looks something like this:

A seriously dangerous condition existed in the workplace.
The employer knew about it and still exposed the employee to the dangerous condition.
The employee suffered a serious, catastrophic injury or wrongful death as a direct result of the dangerous condition.

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