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After an accident, individuals will first turn to their insurance carrier for monetary compensation for medical bills and property damage. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for insurance carriers to act first to protect their own interests. When this happens, you need a skilled attorney on your side.At Freeman & Chiartas, our lawyers have more than 60 years of combined experience representing injured clients in Charleston and communities throughout West Virginia. Unfortunately, many individuals learn the hard way that an insurance company is truly a company. While it certainly works to protect its clients based on the terms of a coverage policy, it is ultimately concerned with protecting its bottom line. If your insurance carrier denies, devalues or delays your claim without thoroughly investigating your situation, it can be said to be acting in bad faith. If you need a lawyer for an insurance bad faith claim, schedule a free consultation at our firm today.

Unfair Insurance Practices

Many individuals have good experiences with their insurance companies following an accident. For some, however, the claim process can be a nightmare. Either the company does not pay off claims that it agreed to, or it denies the claim outright without performing the necessary investigation.

Freeman & Chiartas will seek to hold insurance companies accountable for their actions. Through the history of our firm, we have had experience representing clients in personal injury cases against both large and small insurance companies. Trust our experience, thorough preparation and diverse backgrounds to guide you through even the most complex bad faith cases.

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