Charleston Professional Negligence Attorney

professional negligence Though the most common type of professional negligence involves carelessness or malpractice by medical personnel, other professionals – such as attorneys, accountants, architects, pharmacists, and dentists – are also held to a higher standard of care and may be sued for failing to meet the expected degree of attention.

Professional Negligence

Of course, these are not the only professions where professional negligence can occur. In most cases, however, they do involve large transactions of money or assets.

Because of the importance of these professions, the State generally requires special licensing to conduct business under these job titles. Operating as a professional without the right licensing is not only negligent, it is also fraud.

If you have been financially damaged from the negligent business practices of a professional service, it would be in your best interest to speak to a Charleston Professional Negligence Attorney. You may have specific rights under West Virginia laws to seek compensation for the damages you have received.