Who Pays for Medical Bills after a Car Accident?

medical bills
The Medical Costs of Traffic Accidents
A serious vehicular accident can be frightening, but it can also be expensive, with the cost of treating a severe or long-term injury easily running into the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. A Charleston personal injury lawyer can help the victims of crashes obtain the compensation they need to cover such costs. This type of assistance is available from the law firm of Freeman & Chiartas.

Covering the Costs of an Injury

Different sources are available to cover the medical costs of a traffic accident. Automobile insurance companies offer coverage as part of their individual policies. Victims can also turn to their own health insurance providers or may have access to medical payment insurance plans, although the amount of coverage is usually limited. Medicare and Medicaid are government health insurance plans that can also be of assistance in such cases. Since West Virginia uses an “at fault” insurance system, the cost of any needed medical care is supposed to be borne by the party deemed responsible for an accident. However, it is not always easy to identify who is most culpable in a personal injury Charleston WV case.

Seeking Monetary Damages After a Crash

Trouble can arise when the responsible party or that person’s insurance provider either refuses to pay for damages or offers an award that is insufficient to cover the damages inflicted. Under the circumstances, victims can get help from a Charleston WV personal injury attorney. A lawyer will conduct a careful review of an accident in order to identify culpability and will do what is necessary to reach the best possible outcome of every case, even if it means taking the facts to court. This is why traffic accident victims should consider turning to the services available from the law firm of Freeman & Chiartas.